Stars or the mud?

A story is told about two men who were in a prison as they gazed outside the prison bars one saw the stars and the other one saw the mud. The prison warden asked them what they saw the first man responded that he saw the stars while the other one said he saw the mud. It was quite puzzling for the warden to see how the two had different views, yet they were in the same situation. The major lesson from this story was that though they were in the same situation their perspective is that which set them apart. The story can be viewed as a parallel to the life we live. A look at our presence on earth characterised with so much hurdles, one would feel we are in a prison because of the unending challenges we go through, considering the different seasons we experience in life. In such scenarios there is the good that we experience despite the seemingly hostile environments that we find ourselves in, the message that comes out from the mess, the good from the bad and the diamond from the dirt.



The world today is filled with negativity. How have you responded to the various situations that you find ourselves in? Do you see the mud or the stars? Do you have a negative or positive outlook towards life? All these are questions that arise which can be answered through honest introspection. The fact is that every one of us experiences a cycle of seasons throughout life. What matters is how you will act and respond in those situations. Sometimes it is sunny and sometimes it is rainy and chilly. You cannot decide what whether you will have. The only choice is how you respond when the weather changes. In the rain you can decide to cry or happily dance. When it is sunny you can either frown or smile and when it is chilly you can get a coat to keep warm or you can spend the whole day complaining about the weather. My challenge to you is to have a positive outlook on life despite the situations that you will find yourself in. looking out for the stars in our midst will be key in the progression of humanity. Find the stars in the mud and be positive.

The media headlines point out that we are in the mud and crying for solutions. It seems like the stars have all been covered by the mud judging by the evidence presented to us. The various challenges affecting us at every turn have imprisoned us including financial problems, personal struggles, pain and suffering and all these have made us bitter. Life has become tough. We have been broken as each day has turned out to be just another event with less fulfillment and joy because of the different experiences we are going through. It is like we are in the mud people are in fear of what tomorrow holds, with so many questions but less answers to everything that is happening. In our lives we have different challenges we face in our homes and community what differs is whether we see the stars or the mud. It is our choice whether to look at the negative or the positive side of every situation in our lives. Look at the bright side of life pursue the simple positive things in life see the stars in the mud think different and be the difference.

One philosopher once said:

“Persist while others are quitting,

Smile while others are frowning,

Plan while others are playing,

Study while others are sleeping,

Prepare while others are procrastinating,

Decide while others are delaying,

Work while others are wishing,

Serve while others are being selfish,

Dream while others are slacking”


Taken of the upcoming book entitled: The Shift (A story of two fifty-cent bond coins and a dream)



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